KUSINER means cousins in Danish. We are cousins, neighbours and business partners. We do not descend from a long line of Danish carpets manufacturers. But these carpets struck a chord with us – when we first encountered the colourful stacks of carpets and wonderful women in the Negev Desert in Israel in 2016.

Keeping the tradition alive
KUSINER combines everything we are passionate about; a meaningful and sustainable business - in a country that has a big place in our hearts – and with a group of women we admire. We are proud to contribute in keeping the ancient tradition of Bedouin weaving alive – and to participate in the empowerment of Bedouin women in the region.

Back to our Bedouin Past
As young volunteers in the kibbutzim in Israel, we used to hitchhike through the desert on our way to Eilat or the Sinai Peninsula, where we used to sleep in Bedouin camps.  And now some 30+ years later, we find ourselves
stopping in one of the Bedouin townships along the road. In a town where our carpets are made.