Slow Design

Every single step in the process of making a KUSINER carpets is done by hand. This is a slow and meticulous process. From shearing the sheep to and transporting the wool to the weaving center. Sometimes there is not enough wool. Or we order a rug and there is no wool in the colour, we need. is not enough wool. of wool - dyed and dried by hand

Sometimes we have to wait - because there is no more willhe wool comes from local Awassi sheep, herded by Bedouins or Palestinian farmes.  The women clean, dye and spin the wool in the weaving center in Lakiya. After the preparation of the wool, the wool is transported to the weavers' homes where the looms are. 


AwassiFår flere sammen .jpg

#1 Wool from Local Shepherds

Our wool comes from the Middle East sheep Awassi. Herded by local Bedouin or Palistinian farmes.  The sheep is sheared in early spring.

Awassi sheep is a nomadic sheep. A real toughie. The fleece is long, open and lofty. This wool is ideal for making carpets - because of its coarseness and resilience. The quality of the wool - and the method of weaving - makes the rugs resistant and durable - and well suited to ‘high-traffic areas’ in your home.

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#2 Preparing the Wool

Some times, the women have to cross borders to fetch the wool from Palestinian farmers in the West Bank.

The women who work in the weaving center prepare the wool before it goes out to the weavers. All the weaver work from their homes.

Wool from local sheep is carded and then hand spun into yarn that is skeined, dyed and 

They clean and spin the fleece into yarn on drop spindles.

To prepare the yarn for weaving, two strands of spun yarn are skeined together, dyed and dried in the sun, and wrapped into balls.

Sarah farver og vasker garn 1.jpg

#3 Dyeing the Wool

Sarah is in charge of dyeing the wool. This work is slow, heavy and hard work.

Wool hanging to dry

Wool hanging to dry

#4 Drying the wool

After cleaning and dyeing the wool, Sarah hangs it in bundles to dry.

dried in the sun, and wrapped into balls.

The Warp Face of the Loom is Wool = makes the carpets double soft and durable

The Warp Face of the Loom is Wool = makes the carpets double soft and durable

#3 Setting up the Loom

The loom is a ground loom. It is horizontal. To set up a ground loom takes days. The construction is very simple. A stick that balances on two cans. From the stick, the yarn stretches uo to 6 meters long. But

Leashes - blue

he loom is constructed of very simple materials of sturdy sticks and stones. Two wooden sticks are pinned to the ground and the woolen yarn stretch between them while another stick is placed in the middle to separate the long warp threads.

warp - tight warp


#4 Weaving

TThe woman sits cross-legged at the end of the ground loom and feeds the weft yarn attached to a stick back and forth between the twisted threads. The weaver gradually moves down the length of the rug and maintains the tightness of the threads

Siham syr Fritz tæppe.jpg

#5 Finishing the Carpets

When the rugs arrive back to the weaving center, they have to be finished. The lanes of will have to be sewn together in a stich.


#6 Putting on tassels


#7 Quality Check and Labels