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Sketches for Runners by Barbara Bendix Becker

Sketches for Runners by Barbara Bendix Becker

KUSINER Carpets is a fusion of ancient Bedouin weaving skills and a strong Nordic design tradition: Just as weaving is deeply rooted in Bedouin nomadic culture – so is the tradition of functional and effortless Danish design. Part of our carpet range is designed in cooperation with textile designer Barbara Bendix Becker. 

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Colours of the Desert
In our cooperation with the Bedouin women of Lakiya, we want to maintain the simplicity and restraint of the traditional weaving technique - and to emphasize the natural colours of the surrounding landscape; the dusty  desert with its light, brown and beige colours. With splashes of pink, yellow or green - just as the small flowers that bloom for a short while in the early spring in the desert. And we want to give the design a more contemporary look with colours that suit Nordic homes.

Every carpet is unique and has a serial number - and the name if the woman who made it.