Weaving as Women Empowerment

When you buy a KUSINER carpet, you make a difference in the life of a Bedouin woman. Bedouin women are living in tribal societies where polygamy, illiteracy and poverty are prevalent. 90 % of Bedouin women are unemployed and 40 % live in polygamous marriages. Working either at home weaving – or in the weaving center in Lakiya is a way to use the traditional skills of weaving in a modern and commercial context.

Fair wages and health insurance
Weaving carpets provides fair wages, social security and pension for the women - and literacy training for those who are illiterate.

Enable Daughters to go to College
For some weavers, their income enable their daughters to go to college. A Bedouin woman is not allowed to work outside home or to mingle with men not related to them. Through the weaving, the women are handling the challenges inhered in the transition from a nomadic life to modern life. And changing norms – one step at the time.